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Do you have a huge collection of DVD? Many people like to watch movies on their computers. Most of them like to convert DVD into other types of files so that it can be seen on the computer. It is because if they often watch a DVD on their computer usually it will quickly make the DVD rom broken. So, many people will try to find software for DVD Ripper. It is because it can easily convert DVD video into a form that easily viewed on a computer. Usually most of the DVD ripper software is only made for the windows operating system; so many people who have mac computers will find a difficulty to convert their DVDs.

But now you can find DVD Ripper Mac in the internet. It is available DVD ripper software for mac operating system. One of the most popular file types is avi. Most of my friends change their DVD into avi. They chose avi because most of the software in windows movie player supports this file format. In addition, now almost the majority of portable players can also play this format. Other than that, today HD movies are very popular. So now you also can find software that can convert your DVD into HD movies. To find the further information about Video Converter mac, you can find it on the website. It is also possible for you to change DVD to mpeg by using DVD Ripper Mac.

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