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Ball gown, or some people might call it evening gown, has its own history in the tradition of fashion. People over decades have designed various kinds of ball gown through the time. In the middle age, people held a ball or dancing party in order to be the debut point for the youngster to be in the “market”. For this special occasion then special ball gown is needed. People used to order the ball gowns to some certain designers to be made custom for each customer. However, the ball gown used to be in single colour, black, white, or red. It was usually fitted with hooped skirt and corsage.

Yet, modern time makes the tradition of ball gowns changed. It is no more to be single coloured, but may become colourful and various in design. If in the past ball gowns were considered as something exclusive and affordable only to some certain level of society, nowadays the ball gowns are various in price, so that almost all people are capable of having them.

The basic of the ball gowns is the same. It should be feminine and elegant, and most of them are long dresses. The place to purchase the ball gowns also becomes various and easier, since there are so many designers that offer even cheap ball gowns and you can easily get them in the shop or through the online store.

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